The Hunger Games | I’m Peeta And I Know It

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Jennifer & Josh take a break on the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Hawaii [29.11.2012]

are you fucking kidding me josh


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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper as a Gorilla and a Fat Witch for Halloween 

jennifer lawrence may be the only celebrity in hollywood that dresses the opposite of a slut on halloween

this is why i love her 

oh my sweet lord

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“…And understand how lucky i was to be connected to a piece of material like this everyday and to an actors and actress like this everyday, Its so right and i’m old enough that i knew that was special..” -Gary ross.

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“I’m the same person in public that I am back home, so I don’t put on an act or anything like that. This is who I am and that’s just how I am when I am who I am.”

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